Bayo SALARY disbursement platform

A Payroll Platform Access For All Employers / Companies in Malaysia

A salary disbursement platform designed for employers / companies for salary payment. It’s convenient, free and user friendly!


Bayo Salary Disbursement Platform for Payroll Management

A payroll management platform developed by Bayo for all companies/employers in Malaysia for the use of salary crediting to employees’ etc.BLACK Card especially the unbanked ones.

Free for all companies in Malaysia! Interested companies please click ‘Register Now!’

Employer Onboarding
Salary Crediting
Payroll Management
Roles Segregation
Free And Easy To Use

Employer On-boarding

  • This process allows companies to register with Bayo Salary Disbursement Platform and submit necessary documents for verification purposes.

  • Upon the success of registration, employers will be notified by email with approval to access the Bayo Salary Disbursement Platform for managing salary payments to all employees.

Roles Creation

  • This function allows employers/companies to create ‘Maker’ and ‘Checker’ roles for segregation of duties and risk and control management.

Salary Crediting

  • Funds transfer is done securely via FPX after the necessary approval from company’s ‘Checker’.

  • Once successful, salary will be credited into employees’ etc.BLACK Card.

  • Employees will be able to access their salary via etc.BLACK Wallet and make online transactions instantly. Employees are also able to do cash withdrawal at any ATM machines that accepts Mastercard payment card globally.

Bayo Salary Disbursement Platform to Facilitate Companies in Malaysia

  • Simple on-boarding process for employers
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Eliminate the need for employers to open up bank accounts for foreign workers
  • Free to use
  • Eliminate cost and issues associated with cash-handling especially related to the unbanked for the employers
  • Better payroll management within the construction companies
  • Instant and convenient access to salary 24/7 for the employees