A Payment & Salary Card For All Industry!

Get your own personalised etc.BLACK Mastercard Prepaid Card today! A payment and salary card designed specifically for employees of companies that signed up for the etc.BLACK programme!

It’s A Payment & Salary Card!

The brand new etc.BLACK Mastercard Prepaid Card (“Card”) is a payment and salary card equipped with security features i.e. 2-Factor Authentication Security Standard; EMV-certified chip, Biometrics and QR code, the Card is highly secure, tamper-proof and practically impossible to replicate.

Personalised Convenience Card

  • Mastercard Co-branded Payment Card / Salary Card
  • Worldwide Payment Acceptance
  • Chip & Pin and Contactless Payment Methods
  • Cashback & Rewards Benefits
  • Cash Withdrawal At ATMs That Accepts Mastercard

For Payment Purposes Whether Physical Card and Digital Payment Instrument, We’ve Got You Covered!

etc.BLACK Mastercard Prepaid Card (“Card”) is attached with the etc.BLACK Wallet where you can benefit from the use of the mobile app! Here’s why you should sit back, relax and enjoy using the card!

Safe & Secure

Bayo is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (“BNM”) and a Principal Member of Mastercard Asia Pacific, we duly comply to several security requirement both local and international. This include stringent fraud monitoring to protect your cash from unauthorised transactions.

Access To Your Money

Through multi-channel platform, you can still access your money via phone even if you left your card at home! And if you lost your card, just temporarily block your card using etc.BLACK Wallet!

Mastercard Certified

Your certified Mastercard Prepaid Card is a globally recognised card, where you have full access to a worldwide payment acceptance.

Keep Your Money Safe

All funds under Bayo Trust Account are kept with regulated financial institutions at Maybank. It is managed by Universal Trustee Malaysia Berhad (UTMB), an independent corporate trustee, in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s regulation and requirement.