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Introducing the etc.MoneyMatch Card!

Bayo is proud to introduce the brand new etc.MoneyMatch Mastercard Prepaid Card. A payment and salary card designed specifically for all industry/company workers in Malaysia.

Bayo SALARY disbursement platform

A Payroll Platform Access For All Employers / Companies In Malaysia

A salary disbursement platform designed for employers/companies for salary payment. It’s convenient, free and user friendly!


etc.MoneyMatch Overview

etc.MoneyMatch is an exclusive brand with product & solution line-up developed by Bayo Pay (M) Sdn Bhd (a licensed entity under BNM to issue Designated Payment Instrument under S.11 of the FSA 2013 and a principal member of Mastercard Asia/Pacific Pte.Ltd. and referred to as “Bayo”).

This is part of the government’s initiative to enhance payment services delivery and to digitally advance industries in Malaysia.

The etc.MoneyMatch programme consists of products designed under this programme; etc.MoneyMatch Card and etc.MoneyMatch Wallet. etc.MoneyMatch Card and etc.MoneyMatch Wallet are developed for the use of all industry/company workers in Malaysia who signed up for the etc.MoneyMatch programme, while the Affin Bank Virtual Account feature is a salary crediting convenience by employers to employees.

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More Features For Users

All of our new features are developed as a convenience for our users to fully enjoy unlimited digital payment experience.

Discounts & Rewards

Lock on to your discount points and cashback rewards on every purchase spent using etc.MoneyMatch Card and etc.MoneyMatch Wallet.

Loan and Wealth


From monthly cashflow to savings, to early salary access, we’ll help you sort it all out!

Insurance Product

A selection of insurance product such as travel and personal insurance made instantly available for you to engage.