etc.MoneyMatch Card For All Workers!

Bayo is proud to introduce the brand new etc.MoneyMatch Mastercard Prepaid Card. A payment and salary card designed specifically for workers in the working industry in Malaysia.

It’s A Payment & Salary Card!

The brand new etc.MoneyMatch Card (“Card”) is a payment and salary card designed specifically for foreign workers in construction industry in Malaysia. Equipped with security features i.e. 2-Factor Authentication Security Standard; EMV-certified chip, Biometrics and QR code, the Card is highly secure, tamper-proof and practically impossible to replicate.

Personalised Convenience Card

For Payment Purposes Whether Physical Card and Digital Payment Instrument, We’ve Got You Covered!

etc.MoneyMatch Card (“Card”) is attached with etc.MoneyMatch Wallet where you can benefit from the use of the mobile app! Here’s why you should sit back, relax and enjoy using the card!